Current Projects
City Arts Academy

The City Arts Academy is jointly run by Blick Shared Studios and Seedhead Artsand provides courses in a wide variety […]

Real Sketchy

Since November 2012 Seedhead Arts has been running and developing Real Sketchy, a open live sketching event taking place in […]

Midweek Magic Club

Are you a fan of the flourish, a sucker for sleight of hand or dazzled by the discovery of the […]

Why you should come to the Xchange Summer School 27th May 2014

Seedhead Arts is currently working  on the first ever Xchange Summer School, taking place in Enniskillen on 26-27th June 2014. […]

STV Clinic 21st May 2014

It was when they were counting the votes two council elections ago. It was a slow Friday afternoon in my […]

Open Source Volunteering FAQ 10th April 2014

What is Open Source? Open Source is a blank canvas, run jointly by Seedhead Arts, somewhereto… and the Community Arts […]

Drinkin your own supply… Updated 25th February 2014

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a while now. I’m still forever getting asked by people how to […]

The Great Sole Trader Experiment 2nd February 2014

I’ve mentioned it on twitter, (but not gone on about it at great length), that the new year’s resolution that […]

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