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Real Sketchy

Since November 2012 Seedhead Arts has been running and developing Real Sketchy, a open live sketching event taking place in a bar environment. Over the year it’s developed from something that was largely populated by artists to being somewhere that anyone can have a wee sketch and have a laugh over a few pints. We scan all the sketches and […]

Midweek Magic Club

Are you a fan of the flourish, a sucker for sleight of hand or dazzled by the discovery of the disappeared? Seedhead Arts and the Black Box have teamed up to bring you an evening of close up and performance magic at the Midweek Magic Club. Each show will involve a grand total of FOUR local magicians trying out new […]

Ten Thousand to One – Pointless 21st November 2014

This morning I got onto an argument on twitter with a young lady who was suggesting that in the current climate she didn’t believe in funding the arts. An 11-15% cut isn’t enough for her obviously, she wants to stop funding the arts altogether… cause y’know, the health service and that. To be fair I kind of lost the rag […]

Stand up for your Rights needs you 20th November 2014

As part the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival, we are looking to recruit 8 activists who would be willing to undertake a two and half day stand-up comedy workshop to perform at a human rights themed comedy show, Stand Up for Rights, on Friday 12 December 2014 at the Sunflower Bar: If you would be interested in taking part, the […]

Come on Arlene! 12th October 2014

Here’s Adam’s letter to Arlene Foster about the recent NITB Events Fund cut. Props to Stan Ferguson for the Come on Arlene gag. Dear Minister, I am writing to express my deep concern about the recent axing of the Northern Ireland Events Fund. As a freelance event professional my work with organisations such as Culture Night Belfast, Cathedral Quarter Arts […]

‘Endlessly Dumbing Down’ 5th September 2014

On Arts Extra last night  about 15 min in someone called Fionuala Meridith, when talking about Belfast Festival at Queens, said this… ‘We’re talking about so called high arts, high culture… the tendency locally and politically is to place the emphasis on social inclusion, accessibility, relevance, mass appeal – that’s all fine but I do think they’re right to try […]

Why you should come to the Xchange Summer School 27th May 2014

Seedhead Arts is currently working  on the first ever Xchange Summer School, taking place in Enniskillen on 26-27th June 2014. Adam talks about how we’ve developed our thinking on this sort of event in the last few years and gives a hint what you might expect if you come to the event. When we started Seedhead I never imagined that […]

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