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The Faculty

The Faculty is for people who want to keep learning. It’s a loose umbrella of events and courses for people who want to expand their horizons and learn new skills. Our new partnership with Blick Studios and Infinite Jest is only a few months old but most of our events are selling out. It seems that just because you’ve left […]

Faculty Film Club

The Faculty seemed like the perfect excuse to start a film club, something we’ve been thinking about since Seedhead was born. And after a pub conversation with local film maker Phil Harrison, here we are. The Faculty Film Club will show movies that stir the recesses of your brain, and have you chatting about the movie long after the credits […]

Midweek Magic Club

Are you a fan of the flourish, a sucker for sleight of hand or dazzled by the discovery of the disappeared? Then you NEED the Midweek Magic Club in your life. Seedhead Arts and the Black Box have teamed up to bring you an evening of close up and performance magic at the Midweek Magic Club. Now in our fourth […]

Real Sketchy

Since November 2012 Seedhead Arts has been running and developing Real Sketchy, a open live sketching event taking place in a bar environment. Over the years it’s developed from something that was largely populated by artists to being somewhere that anyone can have a wee sketch and a laugh over a few pints. Although inspired by the spirit of Street […]

Hit the North with Beck’s – Press Release. 13th September 2015

  Thirty walls, thirty artists, two days… Over the next three weeks Hit the North with Beck’s will transform the streets of the Cathedral Quarter with street art, music and more. Over the past three years, Hit the North has been transforming the Cathedral Quarter with work by some of the finest street artists from Ireland north and south, the […]

I can’t make you vote, because you already do… 30th April 2015

It’s been a year since I wrote a wee blog about how the Single Transferable Voting system works and now it’s time for another election. This time unfortunately we’re stuck with the ridiculous first past the post system, a system which leaves most people in the country feeling helpless because most seats in Northern Ireland are considered safe. I did […]

Small Business Santa 2014 6th December 2014

Right guys it’s Small Business Saturday so we’ve got our Small Business Santa Blog. As a small business we’re all about trying to support some small businesses and this year we’ve been making a deliberate effort to spend less money in big corporations and more in local business. Among the many joys that this has given us it has lead […]

Ten Thousand to One – Pointless 21st November 2014

This morning I got onto an argument on twitter with a young lady who was suggesting that in the current climate she didn’t believe in funding the arts. An 11-15% cut isn’t enough for her obviously, she wants to stop funding the arts altogether… cause y’know, the health service and that. To be fair I kind of lost the rag […]

Stand up for your Rights needs you 20th November 2014

As part the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival, we are looking to recruit 8 activists who would be willing to undertake a two and half day stand-up comedy workshop to perform at a human rights themed comedy show, Stand Up for Rights, on Friday 12 December 2014 at the Sunflower Bar: If you would be interested in taking part, the […]

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